Q4 Management Limited delivers a broad range of coaching and mentoring programmes to businesses, business leaders, management teams and individuals, all of which are designed to help businesses and business people to become even better at what they do.

To achieve success and to sustain success, demands that there be a vision, a point of destination and a well developed plan to help arrive at the desired destination. With no vision, no plan, no support and no guidance, then success will most probably be evaded. The Q4 Management coaching programmes are designed to help businesses, business leaders and executives, develop the vision and then develop the skills and the confidence to realise the vision.

Coaching is simply about unlocking the potential within to maximise performance. This applies to any situation, be it sport, music, the arts, business or an individual, it is about the realisation of pure potential.

Coaching is about creating a feeling of positivity, is not about teaching, it is about a voyage of self discovery and self awareness, resulting in the momentum to deliver self improvement.

The coach is akin to the ship’s pilot, it is the pilot’s role to chart the course and accompany his client on the voyage of discovery but the client is always the ship’s Master. The coach can only ask the bold questions in order to elicit bold responses.